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There was certainly a good attendance for our February meeting which featured not only a splendid range of work from members but also a fascinating presentation by artist Tania March.

Malvern-based professional artist Tania March was our featured 'outside source' for this session.  Working principally with oil paint to make her large, fine-art portraits, Tania also enjoys experimentation and seeks ways of expression through mixed media. To illustrate this approach Tania took us through the various evolutionary stages of her work to portray a male figure wearing a veil. Part of the process was a short movie in which an intermediate stage of the painting was projected upon the sitter, who then slowly turned.  The resulting coalescing surfaces and interplay of texture, form and colour were eerily fascinating.  This experiment inspired the next stage of the work.

Here are the critical stages of this work: 

1            2  

Image 1 Photograph of veiled subject (using studio lighting)    

Image 2 Painting (photograph of the painting created using visual reference from photograph)

Photograph of painting is then projected onto moving veiled subject with original lighting conditions and filmed.


Image 3 video stills from raw video footage - triptych of veiled moving subject with painting projected onto veiled subject (using original studio lighting)



Image 4 Video still / photograph selected to create painting using visual reference

Image 5  Painting (photograph of painting created, using video still)


 Image 6 Evolution of experimental process. 

Experimentation is an essential component of the artistic process and as Tania said "if you know the outcome, you're not experimenting!"


 Tania in conversation with Bob                                                        Tania March during her talk 

Tania's lucid and fascinating explanation of her process raised many questions which she answered during the course of the talk.  This was a most enlightening and informative presentation.

Work from CPG members during this session included the following:  Nigel engaged our attention through a series where graffiti portrayed human or near-human forms, many of which were reminiscent of early cave paintings.  Were these human or alien we asked?  Alex also explored humanity, this time in relationship to the environment though a series which included his trademark camera-movement skills.  We also enjoyed the evocation of nostalgia provided by Bob through his eloquent series of images depicting a dilapidated old greenhouse, while Maddy revealed more of her strong associations with The London Hospital, connecting the past with the present.  Also in this context, Clive showed his AV 'Landscape with a Memory, The Desolation of Orford Ness', which illustrated glimpses of the one-time secret weapons establishment upon this ancient length of shingle at the Suffolk coast. 

Tessa showed her photo-book with images on the theme of 'Music for My Eyes' where patterns and surfaces of shiny seats in Worcester Cathedral were defocussed to represent the shapes and colours of music. 

Above: Tessa's photo-book

Lucy's contribution this time was an insight into ladies' loos, their décor and plumbing!   Peter's individual eye was, through his camera lens, focussed upon various elements of our city, including some artistic whitewashing upon windows and street scenes after dark. 

Abstract imagery was very well represented with interpretations of the world by John Hoath with his 'early flying machine', Martin's swirling view of Anglesey,  Barrie's 'Blocky' interpretations of the natural world and Angie's observations of patterns in a rococo garden

Eric was also in an abstract mood with some of his representations of The Hepworth Gallery.  Judy also provided pictures with sumptuous colour from London and an interwoven, iridescent, multiple-square abstract.  John also depicted a ferocious coastal storm with his 'Force 10'.  A selection of images appears in the gallery lower down this page.

Conversations during the break 

This was another action-packed informative evening, full of inspiration, spiced with good humour and very much enjoyed by all.

The gallery below offers a selection of what we enjoyed.

February CPG Members' Gallery:  to shuttle through, click to open the image then, use the on-screen forward > and < reverse  arrows, or your keyboard arrow (> <) keys.