Tuesday 5th WILL CHEUNG FRPS - Inspiring people to take photographs

Will has been involved in photography magazines, editing several leading titles over a period of thirty years and is currently editor of Photography News. He has been taking pictures for even longer and is happy to say he is a specialist at being a non-specialist!!

Hand in for Annual Nature Competition Ends

Hand in for AV Competition Starts


Thursday 7th Contemporary Group Meeting 




Tuesday 19th DUNCAN LOCKE LRPS - Be there early! Travels with my camera

Duncan says 'Being on location early with your camera to get a clear view was vital during the five weeks that I spent in China in 2017. There's no shortage of people in China with many keen photographers (and the rest of the population just has to have a selfie!). The first half of my talk will feature landscape and wildlife images from eight locations in China. After the break I will show cultural and landscape images from a country, which like China is home to an ancient civilisation, but unlike modern China is rarely visited by western tourists. Where is it? Come along on the 19th March and find out!'

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Thursday 21st Digital Group Meeting



Hand in for Annual Club Show Competition Starts


In addition, on Wednesday 27th March WCC members will be presenting their work to Kempsey Camera Club. 


Thursday 28th AV Group Meeting



Worcestershire Camera Club meets every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm at the Bishop Allenby Hall in Barbourne. Our special interest groups meet at 7:30pm on Thursday at Claines Royal British Legion.