Tuesday 5th ANNE SUTCLIFFE FRPS EFIAP PPSA – Let’s be broad minded - Prints

Anne says about herself - I am an enthusiastic creative digital photographer. My images are created with love and attention to detail. My photographic subjects are varied. Some pictures tell stories and others show images within images. She is a highly talented photographer who produces wonderful prints.

Hand in for 3rd Print Competition Ends


Thursday 7th February Contemporary Group Meeting


Tuesday 12th 3rd PRINT COMPETITION

Hand in for Annual Nature Competition Starts


Tuesday 19th MARTIN COOPER LRPS – Now you see it, Now you don’t - Prints and PDIs.

Martin says... I’m not the sort of photographer who gets up in the early hours to get to some distant location at the crack of dawn to catch the first rays of sunlight creeping over yonder hill. Nice though that is, it’s too simplistic for my liking. The most important factor in any image is the content or subject matter before you. So, first and foremost, I choose my subjects very carefully and then make the most of the conditions prevalent at the time - or wait until they are right. That requires patience but it works in the end.


Thursday 21st Digital Group Meeting


Tuesday 26th CARL WRIGHT LRPS - Using the camera more and Photoshop and Lightroom less - Digital Prints

Carl Wright is a photography teacher/photographer and has been teaching photography professionally for a few years, mainly teaching Jessops training courses.


Thursday 28th AV Group Meeting


Worcestershire Camera Club meets every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm at the Bishop Allenby Hall in Barbourne. Our special interest groups meet at 7:30pm on Thursday at Claines Royal British Legion.