Tuesday 1st WARREN ALANI – Through my Viewfinder

Various photographs will be shown from Warren’s collection including architecture, street photograpy, sports, portraiture and travel.


Thursday 3rd Contemporary Group Meeting


Tuesday 8th JAMES WOODEND - From Africa to the Arctic and the bits in between

James will start with a demonstration of his photographic kit and the reasons for it, some discussion about the photographing of auroras, and lots of stories and prints. James is an award winning photographer and a member of the club and will give us an entertaining evening.

Hand in for 2nd PDI Competition ENDS


Tuesday 15th 2nd PDI Competition - 7:30 START


Thursday 17th Digital Group


Tuesday 22nd LEIGH PRESTON - A retrospective with new photographs

Leigh is going to revisit some of his earlier photographic locations with new shots of the places he visited thirty years ago. He holds two FRPS distinctions and will be taking time out at the end of the year so make the most of this great photographer.

Hand in for 2nd Print Competition OPENS


Thursday 24th AV Group Meeting