1st ANNUAL NATURE COMPETITION - 7.30 pm START - Judge: Peter Preece


Thursday 3rd Contemporary Group Meeting


8th A Programme in two halves, two graduates from Hereford College of Arts: One from BA (Hons) Fine Art working in Photography and one from BA (Hons) Photography.

JANE WEAVER BA (Hons) Fine Art - Memories from Childhood These are altered digital images relating to my memories of childhood.. These images are glimpses into a world that no longer exists. They are in black and white as that is how I remember austerity post war Britain. These memories are of magical long sunny summer days playing with my sister in the garden, of Christmas and presents, snow in winter, birthday parties and chocolates but there were also the feelings of being frightened in a world that I did not understand.

GEORGE SHERMAN BA (Hons) Photography – The Road Ahead – DPI My work has no particular theme, I photograph things that interest me, things I have thought about a lot when contemplating the ways of the world. This has led to me exploring different techniques and styles in all of my work which has led to images I believe are visually attractive while being able to make others think about my images.


Reminder - Hand in for the AV Competition


15th AV COMPETITION - 7.30 pm START - Judge: Howard Bagshaw ARPS MPAGB


Thursday 17th Digital Group Meeting


22nd 3rd PRINT COMPETITION - OPEN - 7.30 pm START - Judge Peter Clark FRPS, EFIAP/p, APSA, MPSA


Thursday 24th AV Group Meeting


29th ANN MILES - Weather to Photograph & What - PDI & Prints Ann's photography is sometimes combined with watercolour painting and depicts the interactions of people, architecture, nature and landscape. She looks for scenes including people, trees and landscapes to form strong and often symmetrical patterns. Ann shows images that aren’t taken in the perfect photographic weather. She shares her techniques when the light is dull or when the sun shines too brightly.