Our April meeting was very well attended with many members showing a variety of work, interpretations, themes full of insights and imagination. 

Everything from the androgynous strangeness of manikins to the cemeteries of WWI battlefields and from dark and gloomy sepulchral  storerooms to artistic adventures using a large mirror on location. 

The  gallery below shows the wonderful variety of images we enjoyed. Click to enlarge the thumbnail.  To advance, mouse-over the right and left sides of the image to reveal the > and < arrows to progress through the gallery.

Our front page (thumbnail) CPG header image this month is by Maddy Pennock LRPS.  Title: 'Dying of Boredom' an observational image from her recent visit to The Tate Gallery.

We also appreciated the brooding claustrophobic images of Dongwok Lee in his work 'Wozu' (Inner Struggle) which explores how humans struggle through life, sometimes turning the daily grind into a hell. In short, we live by floating through a world of chaos. 

Follow this link for more: Wozu