This is in effect two newsletters, catching up from June and about our August meeting.

In June we appreciated many images from two outings, the Worcester Back-Alleyways Walk and the Gay Pride event in Birmingham>  Plus more from the on-going St. Swithin's Church Project.

Although and somewhat naturally due to holidays, our August meeting was a little less well attended, we certainly enjoyed a great range of ideas and imagery.

We continue to be impressed by the ever improving and expressive insights illustrated by our members.  As usual there was plenty  of room for ideas and experimentation, lots of comments and humour.  Numerous perceptive and quirky individual  insights were represented from the breadth of work presented.  Suggestions and constructive ideas were offered where needed greatly broadening the enjoyment and value of the evening.

We also enjoyed a wonderful set of inspirational images, 'Black Brazilian Portraits' by Marta Azevedo here's the link:

The gallery below consolidates members'  images from both meetings - a bumper bundle to enjoy!  To enlarge an image, click on it.