Our April meeting was full of interesting prints and projected images from our membership.

We enjoyed  wide range of work which illustrated themes and concepts with many well chosen moments revealing insights of the more quirky side of life and the world about us. Topics explored included 'smokers and the trend towards 'vaping', behind the scenes in public places, a veritable tsunami of plastic waste, first light of dawn as revealed amongst the shadows of a bedroom and street scenes rendered in the style of impressionist paintings. Everyone joined in with helpful comments and interpretations with the usual sprinkling of good humour which typifies our meetings.

Our May meeting will be a daytime 'photo-walk' and the event on Thursday 5th May will be in three parts:                    



Part 1: 'Glimpses of St. Swithin's':  This is part of the on-going 'St. Swithin's Project'.  The idea is to represent this difficult-to-see church through odd angles and unusual viewpoints in reflections, shop windows, displays, car windscreens, etc.   

Time:  Meet at 11.00am at 'The Olive Branch' cafe in Church Street, Worcester (adjacent to the church) enjoy a beverage and a chat about the event.  The church will also be open from 11.am.

Part 2:  'Back Alley Perspectives'.  A stroll along some less well known parts of the city and obscure by-ways.  Discover and interpret what's there.  Return via the canal tow-path and meet up again at The Olive Tree.  It'll be about lunchtime so we could compare notes and have tea/coffee and/or a bowl of soup / light lunch or whatever.

Details about the 'back-alley' route will be sent by e-mail.

If you can't join us for the photo-walk there's 'Part 3' - available to everyone ..............

Part 3:  'Election Fever'.  It's polling day for local elections!  Get out there amongst it with your camera and record various aspects of the election.


April Gallery:    Click on image to enlarge.  When open, mouse-over to reveal left / right arrows to progress