Our meeting in March was definitely in two halves  

RPS 158th International Print Exhibition
For the first part of the evening there was an opportunity for everyone to have their say about the prints on display at The Hive for the RPS 158th International Print Exhibition.  After downloading the content of the exhibition from the RPS website it was most revealing and fascinating to gain numerous different points of view about the many pictures on display.  Opinions varied and were sometimes contrary.  Everyone learnt a lot from taking time to study, evaluate and respond to the work. This exercise reminded us how easy it is  to form an instant decision on a like/dislike scale but if one allows time for an image to register properly on our consciousness and for the various strands of memory, associations and imagination to coalesce, it can be more interesting to reach a carefully considered conclusion.  So often images are presented very fleetingly, and only the superficial boundary conditions of the work register at all.  Everyone agreed that this was a most enjoyable and rewarding experience that we'll continue our review of this exhibition in April.

Work by CPG members.
Once again we enjoyed a tremendous variety of excellent images raging from prints to AV and PDIs.  Examples from all contributors are in our gallery for this month.  See below.

St. Swithin's Church Project.
You'll recall last month Andrew Meredith (consultant to Churches Conservation Trust) spoke to us about St. Swithin's Church Project' and there was general agreement to be part of this. The idea is that WCC members will be able to take photos in and around this historic Georgian church in the centre of Worcester, with permission to  get behind the scenes, up the tower (by arrangement) and all that sort of thing.  It's a reciprocal relationship whereby Club members get access and unique opportunities and the conservation project gets images.  There's the prospect of an exhibition of our work and other advantages too.  From a conceptual and contemporary point of view this presents many opportunities.  Already there's interest in making an AV and there will be chances for uniquely individual images too.

I've made arrangements for everyone who's interested to meet at the church on Friday of this week (11th March) at 2.30pm and to meet Sarah McCabe, Development Officer.  This will be a most valuable meeting and it would probably be a good idea to have cameras too.

If you would like to know more and join in, please meet us at 2.20pm on Friday.  The entrance is from Church Street between High Street and The Shambles.

St. Swithin's or St. Swithun's?
Just in case you're wondering, spelling can be either St. Swithin (old English) or St. Swithun (derived from the Latin form of the saint's name).  Both are correct.

Images below:  St. Swithins 'Organ Impressions, Clive Haynes.  View from pulpit, Gill Haynes.


March Gallery:    Click on image to enlarge.  When open, mouse-over to reveal left / right arrows to progress.