Some useful brief notes and weblinks from member Ruth Bourne...

Copyright can be a bit complicated if you wish to use music other than your own original creations for AVs. 

Music rights are complex but the IAC licensing scheme is a cheap and effective way through.

IAC advice is detailed and useful.

For most personal/club purposes it's well worth the few pounds (currently under £8 a year) that it costs for their copyright clearance scheme.

Download the application form here.                                                                                                                                            

Please note that it doesn't, however, cover internet or broadcast use


You can also find music that you are allowed to use without purchasing licenses.

One site that I find very useful is Incompetech                                                                                                        

The music is generally free to use (NB not copyright-free)  so long as credit is given as stated:                                

Here's the FAQ list...                                                                                                                                          


Some site tips...

Best searched by whittling down categories via the drop-down menu                                                                       
or try browsing by Collections.                                                                                                                             
Search by feel, genre, instrument or length                                                                                                                    
There is a Google full site search but I find that can be a bit unhelpful in format of the results.

Click on the titles for details and to hear/download.                                                                     

  • See also his PD site. No credit needed.                                                                                    
  • Free Music Archive is a useful source and it's good at spelling out clearly what you can and can't do in its licence guide.
  • Youtube has a free to use music library, also some sound effects; limited but could be handy.


If you wish to upload your AV with music to YouTube, do look at this short video for guidance..                                

In the UK, YouTube has reached an agreement with the main music copyright agencies, which allows most music to be used on films uploaded to their website.

The copyright owner may sometimes refuse permission or insist on an advertisement being played (by YouTube) before a video.

Not all challenges are valid, it is fairly straightforward to contest a claim.

Note that the agencies concerned usually only hold UK rights and so cannot agree to the work being used in other countries. Many YouTube videos are therefore not available overseas.

There's an extensive set of guidance on YouTube.                                                                                            


Government guidance on copyright:

Creative Commons Licence Types